At times, it can be difficult to say “yes” to life, especially when we encounter the pain and suffering that seem inherent in the experience of being alive. Today, you can take a step toward greater wholeness through claiming all the parts of yourself, the pain-filled parts, as well as the joy-filled parts.

As a licensed psychologist, my goal is to help you realize your true self and your full potential, and in the process, to help you experience a life that is more fulfilling, satisfying and meaningful. You and I will work together to identify the kind of therapy you most wish to pursue at this time. Whether you are seeking brief counseling to relieve distress and increase your sense of well-being, or you are seeking longer-term, depth psychotherapy, for more fundamental change, I will be happy to meet with you to help you realize your goals.

Today, you have the possibility of moving toward greater conscious awareness, greater wholeness, and a fuller experience of being alive, through embracing all the parts of yourself and your life.

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